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Wilbraham United Church Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden was established in June, 1996 and provides space for burying or scattering of cremated remains.  It fulfills the original charter of the church issued over 250 years ago designating land for a church and churchyard burying space. 

The Memorial Garden shall be a perpetual memorial to our Lord and to all who are buried there.  For many, the church represents the place where significant events in their faith journeys have occurred.  It is a link with the past and provides a sense of continuity with the church community for family and friends. It may be a natural and meaningful resting place as they continue in God’s care.

Any person, regardless of church membership, is eligible for burial in the Memorial Garden.

For complete information, please contact the church office at (413) 596-2511 x 100 or e-mail to admin@wilbrahamunitedchurch.org