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In the end is our beginning

“In our end is our beginning”        T.S. Elliot, Four Quartets

I find this sentence going through my mind lately. I know it from the Easter hymn, Hymn of Promise, by Natalie Sleeth. And while it is an Easter hymn, I find it so fitting for Advent, and for this particular season for all of us at Wilbraham United. Advent is a time of endings and beginnings. In Advent, we acknowledge those parts of our lives, our world, our hearts and relationships that are broken, and in need of God. We prepare the way for God, and we stay awake for signs of something new being born. We prepare for newness. We prepare for newness because we know that even in the ending, God is waiting to be born, to act, to work in and through us to bring new life. At the end of this month, I will end my interim pastorate with you, and begin my new pastorate at First Church, Farmington, CT. I have loved my time ministering with all of you. You welcomed me with open arms. Your willingness to explore the ways God is at work in and through you inspired me. Together we have begun to till and fertilize the soil that will welcome new ministries and new life. We have prepared for newness. God is waiting to be born in you. God is waiting to act and to work in and through you. Newness is on its way! Blessings in your Advent journey, and in the years ahead! Thank you for two wonderful years of ministry and friendship!

You are a blessing!